Any regularly appointed or elected and full-time law enforcement officer of the United States, any political subdivision thereof, or any agency may be eligible for membership in the Fraternal Order of Police, subject to the provisions of the FOP Constitution.  No person shall be denied membership on account of race, national origin, religion, color, sex, or age.

  • Active Membership includes regularly appointed or elected full-time, or retired law enforcement officers.  Only Active Members may vote on Lodge business.
  • Honorary Membership applies to individuals recognized by the Lodge, State Lodge, or Grand Lodge for exceptional service or contribution.
  • Associate Membership includes individuals recommended by an active member, and who support the Object and Purpose of the Fraternal Order of Police.  Associate members have no vote and receive no benefits of the Lodge.

Dues:  Active Member dues are ($144.00 per year).  Those Active Members over the age of 65 shall pay dues of  ($90.00 per year).

Persons wishing to join Lodge #1 must be recommended by a current member, fill out an application form, and pay dues in advance.  Decisions concerning acceptance into membership are made by the Board of Directors and the current membership.  Transfers from other Lodges of the Fraternal Order of Police must be accompanied by an application form, dues, and documentation of previous membership.


  • ·                 Active, professional representation in Congress, the state Legislature and with the national, state and local Administrations about matters that directly affect your career and profession
  • ·                 Full time professional staff, including former law enforcement officers, representing the interests and views of peace officers and serving membership needs
  • ·                 THE JOURNAL newsletter, Published quarterly, THE JOURNAL contains timely information on legislative, administrative and judicial issues affecting law enforcement officers, and features FOP and FOP activities, and member and lodge news (National)
  • ·                 Quarterly Local Lodge Newsletter
  • ·                 Expert information and advice about personnel policies and procedures
  • ·                 Complete legal defense program (National)
  • ·                 Expert assistance with labor/management relations including collective bargaining
  • ·                 Full time professional labor representation (State)
  • ·                 Life insurance (Local and State)
  • ·                 Financial assistance to members sick and/or in need
  • ·                 Community involvement
  • ·                 Strong Fraternal affiliation and Lodge activities
  • ·                 Excellent financial services as well as discounts on financial advisory services
  • ·                 Annual State FOP Conference
  • ·                 Biennial National FOP Conference
  • ·                 Scholarships
  • ·                 Discounts on home mortgages, auto insurance, car rentals (National)
  • ·                 Credit Card Services (National)
  • ·                 Training Opportunities, e.g., Street Survival, Financial Literacy

We also have Associate membership for $90.00  Per year and Auxiliary membership for $30.00 per year.

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